Pure Storage: EverGreen Forever New Storage and Turnkey Solution

Pure Storage introduces the revolutionary FlashArray//C50, an all-in-one storage solution that will transform your data management experience. Get ready to embrace the future with our EverGreen Forever New Storage and Turnkey Solution.

FlashArray//C50 240TB

  • Unified block and file QLC storage
  • Up to 9PB effective capacity with 6U
  • Business critical workloads
  • Disaster recovery and data protection
  • Test/dev environments

Lowest Cost per GB – US$0.2/GB

Learn More about FlashArray//C50: Value-Optimized Storage | FlashArray//C | Pure Storage

Features - FlashArray//C50

Intuitive, Evergreen Experience
• All-flash NVMe Evergreen Storage™ with data reduction, built for 99.9999% availability, replication, and cloud portability.

• Consolidate massive data stores with up to 8.9PB effective in three-, six-, or nine-rack unit.

• Predictable, consistant latency as low as 2ms, suitable for business-critical workloads
• NVMe and NVME-oF (Fibre Channel, RoCE, TCP)

Built-in Symmetric Clustering
• ActiveCluster provides zero RPO and RTO, is easy to use, and comes built-in at no extra cost.

Better TCO
• Pair hybrid storage economics with less management overhead, power, cooling, and data-center real estate.

Industry Recognition
• A Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ Leader for storage nine times in a row.
• Certified Net Promoter Score in the top 1% of B2B Companies by Medallia

Consolidate, Accelerate, and Protect your data with economical, all-flash storage

Purity for FlashArray delivers rich, enterprise-level data services; DirectFlash global flash management; and Evergreen improvements with every release. All Purity storage services, APIs, and advanced data services are built-in and included with every array.

Data reduction: Purity averages an industry-leading 5:1 data reduction with a total efficiency of 10:1 (including thin provisioning).

Always-on encryption: Purity’s “encrypt everything” approach provides built-in enterprise-grade data security without user intervention or key management.

High availability: Purity protects against concurrent dual-drive failures and initiates re-builds automatically within minutes. Purity also treats performance variability as a failure and uses parity to work around bottlenecks to deliver consistent latency.

Unified storage with file services: If you run NAS-based apps in addition to SAN-based enterprise databases, Purity’s consolidated SAN and NAS capabilities let you avoid the trouble and expense of running two incompatible environments.

Always-on ransomware remediation: Cost-efficient, portable, SafeMode snapshots prevent cyber attackers from tampering with or maliciously destroying critical recovery data.

Intelligent quality of service (QoS): Purity continuously tunes infrastructure using always-on QoS to prevent workloads from hogging resources and to ensure maximum utilization of the array.

Faster, more consistent performance: Pure DirectFlash Fabric gives you maximum throughput with microsecond latency that’s far more predictable than with conventional SSDs.

On-demand data portability: Quickly and easily move data where they most cost-effectively meet service level agreements to satisfy your customers: between both physical and virtual machines, between on-premises and the cloud

Why FlashArray//C50?

The FlashArray//C50 makes all the complexity of data storage a thing of the past. With this All-in-One solution, you can enjoy:

Pure Storage Evergreen Model – Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU)

Non-Disruptive Upgrade (NDU) is a software upgrade, hardware expansion, and/or replacement that doesn’t impact data availability or performance. In an ideal scenario, that means no downtime, no data migrations, and no degradations in performance. 

*Evergreen NDU upgrade with latest model forever


  • Always got the most updated version OS (Purity)
  • All-inclusive array software subscriptio
  • No extra license needs to be purchased.


  • No matter Controller upgrade / Capacity expansion
  • No Downtime
  • No Migration
  • No impact of data availability or performance
Read more about Evergreen: Evergreen//Subscriptions | Pure Storage

Upgrade controllers (or blades) at regular intervals

Keep your Pure Storage’s performance, scale, and features modern without disruption or need to repurchase.

Free Every Three

With each three-year Evergreen//Forever renewal, you get a free latest-generation controllers (or blades).

ESG Green

ESG Green and Saving power in best figures, ESG report here from Pure

Learn more about ESG Green: https://www.purestorage.com/company/corporate-social-responsibility.html

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