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Symantec EDR Prevent breaches with complete attack prevention and detection

Symantec Endpoint Security delivers the most complete, integrated endpoint security platform on the planet. As an on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based solution, the single-agent Symantec platform protects all your traditional and mobile endpoint devices, and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize security decisions. A unified cloud-based management system simplifies protecting, detecting and responding to all the advanced threats targeting your endpoints.

Symantec EDR Feature Highlights

  • Keep your business running. Compromised endpoints are highly disruptive to business. Innovative attack prevention and attack surface reduction delivers the strongest security across the entire attack life cycle (e.g., stealthy malware, credential theft, fileless, and “living off the land” attacks).
  • Prevent the worst-case scenario. Full blown breaches are CISOs’ worst nightmare. Deliver detection and remediation of persistent threats with sophisticated attack analytics and prevention of AD credential theft.
  • Manage smarter. Work less. Intelligent automation and AI-guided policy management enhance administrator productivity; Symantec experts fortify SOC teams to meet customer needs without hiring additional headcount.
  • Manage everything in one place Integrated Cyber Defense Manager (ICDm) is a single cloud management console that strengthens overall endpoint security posture.
  • Endpoint security delivered your way. With a single agent, protection across traditional and mobile devices, and on-prem, cloud or hybrid management.

Protections for all phases of the attack lifecycle

1. Attack Surface Reduction (Pre-Attack)

  • Breach Assessment
  • Device Control
  • Application Control
  • Behavioral Isolation

2.Attack Prevention (Attack)

  • Machine Learning-Driven Exploit and Malware Prevention
  • Behavior-Based Prevention
  • Network Integrity, Wi-Fi Reputation, and Smart VPN

3.Breach Prevention (Breach)

  • Deception
  • Active Directory Defense
  • Auto-Managed Policies
  • Network Firewall & Intrusion Prevention

4.Breach Prevention (Post Breach)

  • Deception
  • Active Directory Defense
  • Auto-Managed Policies
  • Network Firewall & Intrusion Prevention

AV-TEST Award for Symantec

Symantec awarded Best Protection 7 time in the last 8 years

The protection provided by a solution for corporate users is always AV-TEST lab’s core discipline of a test. In this, the products are required to hold up well in various categories against dozens of variants of zero-day malware, as well as against thousands of already known malware samples. In the test year 2022, the endpoint solution from Symantec (Broadcom) always achieved stellar results in all tests under Windows. For this special performance, the solution Symantec Endpoint Security Complete received the AV-TEST Best Protection 2022 Award for Corporate Users.

Symantec endpoint security at-a-glance

Different products to help you address your endpoint security needs. See what's included.
Why SES Complete

Use Cases

Defend against attacks at all stages

When an attacker strikes, you need multiple defenses for whatever comes your way. SES Complete’s multi-layered protections are ready should you face a real-world attack.

Build a strong foundation, based on prevention

Endpoint security starts with prevention—stopping threats and attacks before they strike. Besides a safer, more compliant environment, your security team will have fewer alerts to investigate and endpoints to remediate.

Protect all endpoint devices and operating systems

Attacks are rapidly accelerating, and the attack surface has grown with the increase in remote workers and proliferation of macOS and mobile devices.

  • Protect all endpoint: laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and servers
  • Defend all key operating systems: Windows, macOS, Linux iOS, and Android

Defend against living-off-the-land attacks

Protect your endpoints from sophisticated attackers using Adaptive Protection:

  • Automatic customization of security to your environment
  • Increased productivity with device hardening and minimal disruptions
  • AI-powered automation of policy updates to reduce configuration overhead and incidents for SOC analysts.

Stop Active Directory attacks from gaining total domain dominance

Protect your organization’s Active Directory with advanced security measures:

  • AI-driven obfuscation for query results
  • Prevention of AD information and credential theft
  • Blocking of lateral movement at the breach point

Expose attacks and stop them fast

Symantec’s endpoint solution provides powerful endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to address the challenges of exposing advanced attacks. It offers deep endpoint visibility, advanced detection analytics, and helps reduce time to remediation. Additionally, it streamlines SOC operations with pre-built apps for SIEM, orchestration, and ticketing systems.

Leverage Symantec threat hunting expertise

Symantec’s Threat Hunter service leverages expert threat hunters, global threat intelligence, and machine learning analytics to uncover targeted attacks in your organization. It identifies hidden attacks and provides early warnings to your SOC through the SES Complete console.

Customer Story:
“Instead of using and maintaining multiple products, we have integrated coverage across the entire estate. Which makes it easier to apply the same device-agnostic policies everywhere.”
Graeme Hackland
Chief Information Officer, Williams Racing

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