Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

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Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

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Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

When weighing your cloud storage options for shared files, consider if the protocols required are available with the cloud service. If your protocol is not offered,it might be necessary to refactor or rebuild your workload. Because the cloud infrastructure differs from your own, if you need to refactor, some of the functionality that you have on-premises could be lost. A rebuild involves not only rewriting the code but also might involve creating a lock-in with that provider.

Streamline Workloads, Database Apps, and DevOps on AWS with Multiprotocol Support


With NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, companies can tap into immediate innovation by shifting their file services, high-performance workloads, databases, and DevOps to Amazon Web Services (AWS). This fully managed service provides high-performance shared storage over NFSv3 and/ or SMB 2.1, 3.0, and 3.1.1 protocols to support Linux and Windows Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS provides shared files services with advanced data management capabilities, including multiprotocol support so you can move workloads to the cloud without refactoring or rebuilding them.

AWS is an ideal platform to run business applications while converting capital expenditures (CAPEX) into operational expenditures (OPEX) and freeing up valuable staff and resources to drive differentiated technology strategies and accelerate time to market.


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Cloud Volumes Service


NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is a fully managed, cloud service that enables you to move your workloads and applications to the cloud and manage them with ease. NetApp Cloud Volumes Service removes obstacles so you can move more of your file-based applications to the cloud with support for NFS v3 and SMB. Multiprotocol support means that you don’t have to rearchitect your applications. Also, you get persistent shared storage for your applications without added complexity.

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Cloud Volumes Service
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Sample Use Cases for Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

File Services

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is a highly available and highly scalable platform for creating cloud-based NFS and SMB file systems. Extensive Cloud Volumes Service capabilities help organizations easily migrate existing applications to AWS and provide them with the best platform for developing and maintaining file storage solutions in the cloud.


Companies are increasingly relying on databases to manage and deliver business data. These databases are often the core of OLTP, which may include banking, retail, and online purchases. Slow database response times can cause customers to look elsewhere for their needs. If your business success depends on database performance, consider the SLA provided by NetApp Cloud Volumes Service. With Cloud Volumes Service, you can be confident that your data is durable, encrypted, highly available, and performant.

High-Performance Compute—Analytics, Big Data

NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS can be used to create data lakes in the cloud, synchronizing data with on-premises systems or other data sources in the cloud. It can also provide direct access to data from cloud analytics services such as Amazon EMR.

Incremental synchronization of data from repositories across the organization reduces the time and effort required to make data available for cloud-based analytical processing. Analysis results can also be synced back to other systems from NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS, either on-premises or on AWS. Locating Cloud Volumes file systems directly from Amazon EMR means no copy operations are required, allowing a single repository to serve data for routine use and analysis.


A major benefit of using Cloud Volumes Service is the ability to create instant copies of existing data without adversely affecting the source storage volume being replicated. This feature makes it easy to set up development, test, and continuous integration/continuous delivery environments, and provides access to up-to-date copies of production data. As a result, developers are able to speed up development cycles with persistent storage.

Cloud Volumes Service for AWS provides a RESTful API and works with AWS Cloud Formation, which enables DevOps engineers and cloud architects to deploy infrastructure using code and enables them to define templates for the entire AWS service stack.