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Backup Service

- SnapCenter / SnapVault - Cloud Backup

Backup Service - SnapCenter®

SnapCenter provides host-based data management of NetApp storage for all SAP supported databases . It offers application-aware backup and clone management, and it automates fast error-free data restores.

What if you could…?

SnapCenter Software is:

End-to-end protection and copy management for data anywhere in the Data Fabric

What Does NetApp SnapCenter Solve?

Backup services SnapCenter

SnapCenter high-level features

Application-consistent backup and restore, clone for primary and secondary storage


  1. Easy-to-use, centralized GUI
  2. Application-specific workflows and automated policies
  3. Automatic compatibility checks
  4. Centralized plug-in installation and upgrades
  5. Easy import from NetApp® SnapManager® software


  1. Scalability for high availability
  2. Increased backup and restore performance
  3. Protection for thousands of application instances
  4. Back up metadata that is stored in a database


  1. Role-based access control
  2. Application-consistent cloning and clone lifecycle management
  3. Windows PowerShell, Linux CLI, and REST API support
  4. Pre- and post-commands for scripts
  5. Ability to create custom application plug-ins

SnapCenter – Supported Plugins

Filesystems, Hypervisors, Databases and Storage Systems

Backup services SnapCenter

Backup Service - Cloud Backup

Eliminate  ‘backup windows’ forever.  ​Powered by Cloud Manager

The NetApp difference: no more ‘backup windows’ with NetApp Snapshots

Backup Service - Cloud Backup

File level backup loses the efficiencies of ONTAP. File level impacts production with streaming backups while block has almost no impact on production at all. Block is highliy reliable and backups are so fast that you never miss your backup windows. Ever.

Snapshots: proven NetApp technology

We rely entirely on NetApp Snapshot technology, as we have neither classic backup software of tape. The backup is fully automated, integrated with FlexPod, and takes only a few minutes, including replication.
Netapp Backup Service
Christian Grutzne
Architect Storage & Backup, All for One Group

NetApp Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup delivers seamless and cost-effective backup and restores capabilities for protecting and archiving both Cloud and On-Premises ONTAP data.

Automated, set-and-forget, backups

Drastically reduced backup times

Reliable, block-level protection

Reduced costs with object and cloud archive storage options

Instant restores with searchable indexed catalog

Limitless scalability

ONTAP storage efficiencies

Kubernetes protection

Dark sites support

Unmatched efficiency



less network traffic

Less overhead

At least


Faster backups

Easy to operate

less than

2 min

Setup time

Simple to activate


1 click


What is NetApp Cloud Backup?

What is NetApp Cloud Backup?

NetApp Cloud Backup is a service for Cloud Volumes and on-premises ONTAP clusters that provides simple, efficient, and secure backup and recovery to protect and long-term archive data.