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Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Your script for blockbuster performance

Whether you use ONTAP in your data center or not, FSx for ONTAP is your ticket to the cloud

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is an AWS fully managed service, cost effective, highly available, and protected. It enables organizations to store application data in a native cloud environment that is tailored for the demands of business-critical applications and integrated with an ecosystem of complementary cloud data services. Well-known ONTAP features can be used natively from the AWS.

AwS FSx for NetApp ONTAP
Amazon FSx offers the full capabilities of NetApp ONTAP on AWS for a seamless, consistent experience. You get the convenience of Amazon FSx paired with the proven data management features of NetApp ONTAP software. Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is sold, managed, and supported by AWS and meets your demands for performance, data protection, and efficiency.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

FSx for ONTAP is sold, managed, and supported by AWS. It’s a simple-to-consume service that you access and pay for through your existing AWS account and billing process. You can access it from the AWS Console, Command Line Interface (CLI) or software development toolkit (SDK). Because the service is fully managed by AWS, you’re freed from administrative overhead, so you can focus on what matters. You can:

FSx for ONTAP gives you the ability to easily extend to the cloud, migrate workloads, build modern applications, and eliminate management overhead with integration of the complete NetApp portfolio.

AwS FSx for NetApp ONTAP
Amazon FSx
Key NetApp portfolio integrations – Through Cloud Manager you have access to everything that is great about ONTAP.

Through the NetApp Cloud Manager single pane control panel, you can consistently manage and monitor your data across clouds and on premises.


How it Works

FSx for ONTAP is a fully managed AWS service that provides highly reliable, scalable, effective, and feature-rich file storage. You can launch and run NetApp ONTAP file systems in the AWS Cloud with familiar features, performance, capabilities, and APIs of NetApp file systems, all with the agility, scalability, and simplicity of a fully managed AWS service.

FSx for ONTAP offers high-performance file storage that’s broadly accessible from Linux, Windows, and macOS compute instances through industry-standard NFS, SMB, and iSCSI protocols. You can use ONTAP’s data management capabilities, like snapshots, clones, and replication, with the click of a button. It provides low-cost storage capacity that’s elastic and virtually unlimited in size. Plus, it supports compression and deduplication to help you further reduce storage costs.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP
Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP – Provides fully managed shared storage in the AWS Cloud with the popular data access and management capabilities of ONTAP.

Because it manages and protects your AWS cloud storage with the same parameters and policies of your on-premises storage, you do not need to refactor your workloads or hire extra cloud storage administrators

Among its many benefits, FSx is:

Fully Managed means that you will not be burdened by managing the cloud infrastructure, servers, networking, software configurations nor ONTAP software updates. This service is simple to launch, and replicates data, manages failover and failback, and eliminates much of the need for administrative overhead.

It automatically:

It requires no installation, no upgrading, and no maintenance. It is easy to operate, and you can choose from a variety of management tools including the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, AWS SDKs, AWS CloudFormation, NetApp Cloud Manager GUI and REST API, ONTAP CLI, and ONTAP REST API. It also takes care of ONTAP software updates.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Accessible and Integrated

FSx for ONTAP is globally available in AWS. The multiprotocol storage volumes created on FSx for ONTAP support all versions of NFS, SMB, and iSCSI. These volumes can be accessed from compute services such as Amazon EC2, containers services such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), as well as virtual desktop and application services such as Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0. FSx for ONTAP integrates with a growing list of leading ISV solutions including SAP, Oracle, and Epic.

Cost Efficient

FSx for ONTAP supports all ONTAP storage efficiency and cost-savings features, including data deduplication, compression, compaction, user and group quotas, as well as thin provisioning and data tiering through FabricPool. These features automatically reduce storage consumption on your file system storage and your file system backups, typically a 50% savings clip for general-purpose workloads.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP
Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

Secure and Compliant

FSx for ONTAP provides high availability and durability across multiple availability zones (AZ) with 99.99% guaranteed uptime. All FSx for ONTAP data is automatically encrypted at rest using keys managed with AWS Key Management Service. Stored data is thoroughly protected using built-in Snapshot technology, automatic backups, and disaster recovery copies. FSx for ONTAP also includes enhanced data security features such as file access auditing, ransomware protection, and antivirus scanning, including third-party integration with leading security software solutions, including:

  • Encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Integration with software for anti-virus and auditing
  • Active Directory for identity-based authentication
  • ISO, PCI-DEE, SOC compliant and HIPAA eligible

Flexible and Diverse

FSx for ONTAP is a single, centralized offering that serves the requirements of multiple business units within an organization, and which covers a wide variety of workloads, including enterprise applications, databases, file shares, high performance computing, analytics, and development environments.

By fully supporting NetApp ONTAP APIs and features like SnapMirror and SnapVault, Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP enables NetApp customers to seamlessly replicate their data from on premises to the AWS Cloud.”
Tom DeCoster
Vice President Hybrid Infrastructure at CDW

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP - Competitive Edge

With FSx for ONTAP, you get more choices, more options, and better public cloud. This puts AWS at the top of the public cloud ecosphere when it comes to options for customers. Advanced data management capabilities such as automated syncs, snapshots, and rapid clones support free-flowing data, and give developers the ability to accelerate workspace creation and build cycles.

Table 1: Competitive edge with FSx for ONTAP.

More Choices, More Options, Better Public Cloud
Full-featured ONTAP capabilities
  • Effortlessly lift and shift from on-premises ONTAP deployments into AWS in just a few clicks.
  • Extend your enterprise cloud on AWS by optimizing scale, time, and latency—no painful refactoring or changes to code are required.
  • Simplify on-premises to cloud storage management from a single-pane-of-glass interface with Cloud Manager to eliminate   needless complexity.
Built in AWS, powered by ONTAP, sold though AWS
  • Experience the agility, scalability, and reliability of running your applications on AWS with the same ONTAP capabilities, APIs, and high performance you’d expect on premises.
  • Enable seamless read and write activity for file sharing between on-premises systems and the cloud with Global File Cache and FlexCache.
  • Enjoy always-on productivity with 4.5 nines of availability and durability.
Real-time data protection with analytics:
  • Monitor and analyze with complete infrastructure visibility to reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by up to 90% using Cloud Insights.
  • Optimize infrastructure costs for containers by scaling compute resources and achieve up to 90% lower cost with Spot Ocean.
  • Run cloud infrastructure without the hassle of managing servers while Spot Elastigroup provisions, scales, and right sizes your workload requirements.
Less complexity and more productivity:
  • Enable admins and developers to automate and optimize in a few clicks as they launch and run apps from a full-featured ONTAP file service managed by AWS.
  • Enjoy dynamic access to cloud-based file services that mirror production environments.
  • Clone writable volumes to slash the infrastructure provisioning phase of projects.

You can manage FSx for ONTAP either through the AWS console, API, or CLI, or through NetApp Cloud Manager.
Creating a file system is easy. In a few clicks on the AWS console, you can determine your capacity, performance, and even AWS settings like security groups. You can have a fully managed file share without having to setup your own compute and storage or procure and pay for licenses separately.

Figure: Amazon FSx for ONTAP online-migration architecture.
Figure: Amazon FSx for ONTAP multi availability zone architecture.

With the click of a button, you can use ONTAP’s widely adopted data management capabilities, like snapshots, clones, and replication. In addition, it provides low-cost storage capacity that’s fully elastic and virtually unlimited in size, and that supports compression and deduplication to help you further reduce storage cost.

NetApp was named the 2021 AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Design Partner of the Year – US, for the jointly engineered and natively integrated Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP service. The award recognizes NetApp’s work in helping customers enable innovation and build solutions that drive digital and cloud transformation on the AWS Cloud.


AWS Partners are critical to our customers’ success, and we are pleased to recognize NetApp as a 2021 AWS Partner of the Year US winner. I continue to be impressed by the commitment and innovation that NetApp offers our customers and how they are uniquely positioned to help accelerate our customers’ digital transformation journey. I look forward to working together and a great 2022.
Rachel Mushahwar
Head of Channel and Partner Sales - Americas, AWS.