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SolidFire all-flash storage:

Purpose-built private cloud

Be known for the results, not the infrastructure you manage

These days, it’s not enough to simply provide a killer infrastructure to your application and business stakeholders. As your business seeks to move faster in a hypercompetitive global economy that is fueled by data, you have a much more crucial role. Today, you are the enabler of innovation. Your focus is on delivering business-oriented technology services to your diverse internal users that allow them to pivot quickly when the market demands, to constantly innovate, and to drive differentiation and revenue growth. NetApp SolidFire helps you to be successful in this role. SolidFire brings the simplicity of the public cloud on premises so you can create an automated, selfservice private cloud and deliver those businessoriented data services on demand to your entire organization. Think of your storage platform as your secret weapon for service creation, your competitive advantage, and your innovation-led growth engine.

One automation platform for all your modern hybrid cloud needs

Support changing needs

SolidFire simplifies how you grow your infrastructure, eliminating the pain and headaches of forklift upgrades. With the ability to mix nodes within a cluster, it can incrementally scale for performance or capacity, when your business demands it – no resource planning or downtime required. It also readily supports mixed production workloads and the elastic needs of DevOps with advanced software lifecycle management automation and orchestration tools, delivering guaranteed, predictable performance.

Lower operational burden

Powered by NetApp Element® software, the SolidFire system consistently delivers performance to hundreds of applications, even in boot storms and unplanned events. Each volume is configured with minimum, maximum, and burst IOPS values through the Element quality of service settings, ensuring uptime across all applications running on a consolidated system.


The Element management frameworks provide both an intuitive web-based UI and a robust REST-based API to automate every aspect of storage provisioning, management, and reporting. Its deep integration with industry-leading cloud, virtualization, and automation platforms minimizes development time and overhead so that you can deploy applications and self-service faster.

SolidFire all-flash storage - NetApp

Enjoy flexible deployment options

As you move from a traditional storage infrastructure to the next-generation data center, you have more options for consuming storage than ever before. Element software delivers the greatest flexibility for how you can purchase and grow your storage infrastructure to materialize your next-generation software-defined data center strategy. You can harness the Element capabilities either by deploying it through the preintegrated SolidFire appliances or by integrating the standalone SDS with the hardware of your choice from HPE DL360, HPE DL380, and Dell R640. No matter which deployment model you choose, you can expect a purpose-built, all-flash, on-premises private cloud that enables you to easily deliver business-oriented data services on demand.

Explore the key benefits of this purpose-built, private cloud all-flash storage system.

SolidFire all-flash storage:

Dynamic scale

SolidFire all-flash storage:

Flexible deployment

SolidFire all-flash storage:

Predictable performance

SolidFire all-flash storage:

Automated simplicity

NetApp SolidFire node specifications

Each SolidFire storage node includes Element software and is available as an encrypted or unencrypted appliance. NetApp Element software is also available as software‑only, SolidFire Enterprise SDS, on prevalidated hardware configurations.

NetApp SolidFire

Why NetApp SolidFire?

NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage helps you get closer to the speed and simplicity of your business in the cloud, while keeping your data on-premises.

As the foundation of your private cloud infrastructure, SolidFire enables dynamic scaling, predictable performance, automated simplicity, and flexible deployment to help you meet the most demanding requirements in today’s competitive global economy. Powered by NetApp Element® software, SolidFire delivers consistent performance for hundreds of applications.