H3C VDI Workspace Cloud Desktop – The Best Value VDI Replacement

In the fiercely competitive market environment, it is crucial for businesses to keep up with the latest technology. H3C VDI Workspace Cloud Desktop not only provides a secure remote working environment, but also supports the latest version of Windows 11 system. By enjoying the latest features and performance while ensuring data security and reliability, it helps improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

Citrix Quit China Market including HK

Architecture of H3C Workspace Cloud Desktop

 H3C Workspace Cloud Desktop solution consists of the following components:

1. H3C Cloud Space Console

This is a component of Cloud Desktop Studio, which is deployed on the server. Through the platform, an administrator can manage such virtualization platforms, desktop images, desktop pools and users as are related to cloud desktop services.

2. H3C Workspace App

This is a client program connected to the VDI cloud desktop and deployed in the PC or on the thin client. Through the client, the user can efficiently transmit desktop images, and map local equipment on the PC or the thin client to the VDI cloud desktop.

3. H3C IDV/VOI Client

H3C IDV/VOI client runs on the IDV/VOI client, and a user can use the IDV/VOI desktop through H3C IDV/VOI client.

4. H3C Workspace SpaceAgent

This is an agent program used by H3C Workspace Studio to manage a client. The program is deployed on the client endpoint to provide multiple endpoint device management capabilities for the management platform.

H3C VDI Equivalent Solution (Compare with Citrix)

H3C VDI Workspace Cloud Desktop transfers desktop virtualisation (e.g. application software, operating system and user data, etc.) to a cloud data centre for hosting, unified management, centralised control, and access to the desktop operating system using PCs, mobile terminals and other devices.
In addition to providing a more flexible working environment, better resource scheduling, and multi-dimensional report display, H3C VDI Workspace Cloud Desktop promises have high security and confidentiality. The data is processed in a more secure way through custom configuration, and users can store backups in the data centre, eliminating the risk of data loss or theft and ensuring data security and availability.
Watermark: Built-in blind and non-blind watermarking technology ensures document security.
Endpoint Audit: Enables screen recording for auditing and monitoring.
Policy and Scheduling Flexibility: Provides customisable policy and scheduling options to enhance security management.
Default support for VM ACL and QoS controls: Provides default support for Virtual Machine Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Quality of Service (QoS) controls.
EAD+VDI Total Solution: Integrates with H3C enterprise cybersecurity solutions to provide comprehensive security.
Peripheral control: Allows precise control of peripheral devices connected to the VDI environment.
Software Black/Whitelist: Supports blacklist or whitelist based software application management.

Why H3C VDI Solution (migrate from Citrix)

H3C VDI Workspace Cloud Desktop Benefits:
Through the #VDI structure, the company’s data is centralised in the server with allocated authorisation to selected devices to connect to the network. Only authorised employees can access files and applications on the server. Additionally, self-service features like back up, all-flash storage and FAQ are also readily available.
Why choose the H3C VDI Workspace Cloud Desktop?
– Enhance the convenience of remote working while maintaining a high level of information security
– Reduce IT staff’s daily workload
– Suitable for government agencies, large enterprises, and educational institutions.

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