Secure Your Data with BestCrypt Container Encryption!

As the digital landscape evolves, the importance of securing your private data or confidential information is more critical than ever.

We provide a solution that can protect your data from virtual threats, ensure compliance, and offer a painless user experience – the BCWipe BestCrypt Container Encryption – Total replacement for Sophos Private Disk.

BestCrypt Container Encrypting – Benefit

Learn More about Jetico’s BestCrypt Container Encryption: Encrypt Files with BestCrypt Container Encryption | Jetico

Features - BestCrypt Container Encryption (Enterprise Edition)

  • Centralized deployment and management of BestCrypt Container Encryption client software on remote computers from Jetico Central Manager console
  • Control user access to encrypted containers
  • Monitor usage of encrypted container files and gather information from client computers in a central JCM database
  • Store all passwords and recovery information in JCM database, allowing security administrators to recover encrypted client data in case of emergency or forgotten password
  • Centralized logging
  • Compatible with systems management software (e.g., Microsoft SCCM, LANDesk)
    – After entering command line instructions, computers are automatically added to JCM database and installation of client software will start with reports displayed on Deployment tab
  • Support for Windows Active Directory (AD)
    – JCM can import computers listed in AD database

Trusted BestCrypt Container Encryption - No Backdoors

Jetico offers secure encryption with no backdoors. This article can help you understand what a backdoor is, evaluate BestCrypt security, and create your own BestCrypt modules – BestCrypt Container.

What Is an Encryption Backdoor?

A backdoor is a built-in method of circumventing encryption, enabling a third party access to protected data.

Jetico has addressed any concerns regarding backdoors hidden in our encryption software by officially certifying that BestCrypt is not developed with any backdoors. We have also released the source code for its encryption and key generation components.

Interested in how to migrate from Sophos SafeGuard® PrivateDisk to BestCrypt Container Encryption?

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