Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats: Discover the Strength of NSFOCUS RSAS

In light of recent events involving cyber attack on two public organizations, the urgency for robust cybersecurity measures has never been clearer. We understand your concerns and are here to offer a solution that not only addresses your security needs but also aligns with your operational requirements.

NSFOCUS RSAS (Remote Security Assessment System)


Network vulnerabilities are a growing concern for organizations, and traditional scanning tools are often inadequate. To address this, many users are turning to comprehensive solutions like NSFOCUS RSAS. This security assessment tool helps manage risks, ensure compliance, and uncover weaknesses in web applications.

RSAS streamlines the vulnerability life cycle, saving administrators time and effort. It offers features such as risk prioritization, recommendations, and system hardening.


  • Configuration assessment
  • Web-based vulnerability scanning
  • Cloud computing scanning
  • Big data component scanning
  • IoT device scanning
  • Closed-loop risk management
  • Patented risk rating technology
  • Dashboard demographics
  • Flexible deployment
  • Role-based asset control
  • Audit logs
  • Patented risk rating technology

A secure and reliable network system comes with an effective risk mitigation process. NSFOCUS RSAS risk mitigation process comprises asset-centric risk management, risk prioritization and remediations that form a closed-loop risk management workflow. By proactively discovering
vulnerabilities, the RSAS delivers assessment results to asset owners with revalidation to ensure remediation effectiveness.

  • Asset-Centric Risk Management

Protecting of IT infrastructure and assets is the foundation of network security. By building an asset tree, the RSAS facilitates prioritization of risk to assets. The RSAS can help customers quickly import and scan multiple IP addresses, and locate and remediate vulnerable assets. It also facilitates asset management with full asset visibility and informative risk assessment reports.

  • Intelligent Profile Technology
NSFOCUS RSAS’s Intelligent Profile™ Vulnerability Discovery Technology minimizes false positives that can disrupt business operations. It correlates information using multiple technologies and performs profile analysis before releasing classifications. The system builds target host profiles using various techniques, organizing over 30 types of information to ensure accurate results.
  • Patented Risk Prioritization

CVSS scores are popular among vulnerability assessment users, but managing and patching numerous vulnerabilities based solely on CVSS is impractical. NSFOCUS RSAS recommends customers to prioritize vulnerabilities based on their specific environment. The RSAS employs a proven network scoring criteria system that assigns different weights to various factors. The severity of system risk and asset node risk is determined using unique algorithms.



This solution is designed to be fast and flexible, reducing the operational burden associated with securing your systems. It’s compatible with most national and international brands’ network equipment, making integration a breeze.

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