ATech X NetApp — INSIGHT 2021 Digital

NetApp Insight

ATech X NetApp — INSIGHT 2021 Digital

NetApp’s annual customer and partner event— NetApp INSIGHT 2021 Digital, took place in the Asia Pacific on October 22 at 11 a.m. SGT. As a long-term partner of NetApp, the leading technology insight really blows our mind today!

This experience is a fully digital, highly immersive dialogue and learning forum with a focus on hybrid cloud. Legends of hybrid cloud occupy the center stage, telling their stories and visions for the development of the hybrid cloud. In addition to getting inspiration and keeping up with industry trends, we all can also get the technical training needed to hone our professional skills.

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This year’s keynote speakers include:  

  •       George Kurian, NetApp CEO  
  •       César Cernuda, NetApp President 
  •       Adam Selipsky, Amazon Web Services CEO 
NetApp Insight

Additional featured speakers include: 

  •       Bryson Koehler, CTO of Equifax 
  •       Peter Pluim, President of SAP Enterprise Cloud Services 
  •       Fedor Prokhorov, SberCloud CTO 

On INSIGHT Digital 2021: MTS 2:

We all had the opportunity to do this. Their courses are packed with learning tracks to improve our technical skills and develop our professional knowledge. For what? Of course, it is to become an expert. The professional contents are:

  1. Vision keynote speeches and special conferences
  2. Technical meetings and presentations
  3. Certified preparation course
  4. Hands-on lab
  5. Customer technical meetings and success stories
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Also, Sting also rocks the stage at INSIGHT 2021 Digital too. It is so surprising to see the musical legend who earned 17 Grammy Awards at the event!

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Lastly, We are deeply honored to have this opportunity to join NetApp on the INSIGHT 2021 Digital stage. 


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