Webinar Record— Brand New Microsoft License Program for SOA

New Microsoft License

Webinar— Brand New Microsoft License Program for SOA

Starting January 1, 2022, customers and partners will no longer be able to renew software licenses or online services through the Microsoft Open License Program. So, What are your options? What option is a better solution? What are CSP, Select Plus, and Enterprise agreements?

Let’s review the highlights of this event.

Webinar— Brand New Microsoft License Program for SOA

New Microsoft License

In 2022, Microsoft is selling a perpetual license transfer on her cloud solutions provider (CSP) Portal after abandoning the open licensing program.  Microsoft offers an “Open Value Program” to CSP partners. They are able to sell perpetual licenses to organizations under different programs and provide Software Assurance (SA) purchase options. 

New Microsoft License

What is CSP (Cloud Solution Provider)?

  • Subscriptions (Annual/Monthly)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic/Standard…
  • Office 365 E1/E3…
  • Perpetual (With out Software Assurance)
  • Office LTSC Standard/Professional Plus 2021
  • Windows Server 2022 Standard/Datacenter/CAL…
  • SQL Server 2019 Standard/Enterprise/CAL…

What is OV (Open Value)?

  • Perpetual (License + Software Assurance)
  • 3 Year Agreement
  • WinSvrSTDCore/WinSvrDCCor
  • SQLSvrStdCore/WinSvrDCCore

What information is needed for CSP?

  1. Company Information
  2. Contact Name
  3. Domain Name
Cloud solution provider
Exmaples of the domain name

Step by step on purchasing CSP

Cloud solution provider

What information is needed for Open Value?

Open value
  1. End Customer Company Name
  2. End Customer Contact Name
  3. End Customer Address
  4. End Customer Email
  5. End Customer Phone

Step by step on purchasing Open Value

Open value
Microsoft License

Accepting OV Agreement (3 Years)

  • Click the link to accept and sign the contract package

  • Complete the signature via the eAgreements website


  • Sign in to the website using your work or school account or Windows Live ID

Accepting the Agreement

  • Once reviewed, click I Confirm.

  • Check the I hereby authorize… box

  • Enter your Name exactly as it appears on the screen, followed by your Job Title

  • Click Submit

After Accepted Synnex will place order to Microsoft

  • 1~2 working day can receive the license.

Government Partner Program - EA & Select Plus

Government Partner Program (GPP) is a 2-tier channel model via a LSP and a non LSP “Government Partner”. The Government partners are government selected partners

Two types of Agreement are supported in GPP :

-Enterprise Agreement (L&SA, both On Premises & Cloud sku)

-Select Plus (L or L&SA, On Premises sku only

Government customers buying licenses, license & Software Assurance, and Software Assurance through the GPP

Changes go into effect with Jan, 2022


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Open License FAQ

January 1, 2022

A cloud solutions provider

Microsoft Open License is the most direct way to purchase a license, you only need to purchase a license in advance and own it forever. It offers an optional Software Assurance function. If you have the money to buy a license and the number of licenses purchased is small, an open license is an ideal choice. Pricing depends on the type of organization you are in. The different organizational pricing tiers include Charity/non-profit, business license,  government, education, Health Organization.

Newly launched in July 2020. Perpetual software gives Open partners and Indirect Resellers an expanded portfolio in CSP. Partners can transact the same Open licenses now as Perpetual licenses (one-time billing purchase) through Cloud Marketplace. The cost of the license is paid in three years, after which you have the license. Including Software Assurance. Unlike Open License, the pricing of Open Value does not depend on the type of organization.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a program for large companies that need to purchase more than 250 licenses at a time. This allows companies to access volume licenses at an affordable price, and the price of each license is significantly lower than the price of purchasing a single license. Software Assurance can also be added to an enterprise agreement license but at an additional cost.

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