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Seamlessly Transition from Citrix with Sangfor VDI

With Citrix’s unexpected withdrawal from China, including Hong Kong and Macau, effective December 3, 2023, the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market faces a significant void. For 19 years, Citrix has been a mainstay in the Chinese market, renowned for its HDX protocol and advanced network transfer and delivery architecture. But with their departure, this is not a time for uncertainty but for EVOLUTION.

Any company aiming to fill the considerable market gap left by Citrix must not only deeply understand the local market but also have the technical prowess to step into the shoes of this market giant.

Enter Sangfor VDI—a leading Chinese virtual desktop solution—poised to take center stage.

Sangfor aDesk Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Seamless User Experience

The remote access protocol is the crux of a seamless virtual desktop experience. Sangfor VDI’s HEDC protocol is designed to deliver reliable performance even under challenging network conditions, including latency as high as 200ms, bandwidth as low as 100kbps, and 5% jitter. It supports up to 144 FPS, which surpasses Citrix’s 120 FPS and is perfect for applications that require intensive 3D rendering. It offers USB transfer speeds reaching up to 70M/s compared to the 15-20M/s of international vendors.

AI-Enabled Operations & Maintenance

Citrix’s impending exit is not just an opportunity to fill the gap; it’s about redefining the industry. Sangfor VDI leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to assist in operations and maintenance, an area yet to be explored by international VDI providers. Using AI, Sangfor VDI offers an intuitive and simplified management experience, including proactively predicting faults, automatically handling slow response issues, and accurately identifying resource consumption problems.

Comprehensive Security

Security is at the heart of Sangfor VDI. It offers end-to-end protection from user behavior control, such as anti-screenshot and file transfer auditing, to infrastructure protection. Integrated with Sangfor Endpoint Secure, Sangfor VDI provides VM protection with virus detection, application identification, and patch management. It further offers comprehensive ransomware protection with isolation of infected VMs and secure VM restoration using snapshot mechanisms.

Ranked as Top VDI Thin Client Vendor by IDC

Sangfor’s leading market position is recognized by reputable analyst firms like IDC, which has ranked Sangfor as the top VDI thin client vendor for two consecutive years, with strong standings in the VDI software and HCI markets—key components of VDI solutions.

With a customer base exceeding 15,000 across various sectors, Sangfor VDI is proven to enhance work efficiency and reduce IT costs. From the finance sector, with over 500 banking institutions, to manufacturing giants like Foxconn, Sangfor VDI is the chosen partner for taking the digital leap forward.

In the wake of Citrix’s exit, Sangfor VDI stands out as the next evolution in virtual desktop solutions, embodying China’s growing prowess in IT innovation. With every market shift comes new possibilities, and Sangfor is committed to seizing these opportunities, not as a “replacement” but as an innovator, driven by a passion for technology and a focus on user needs.

Embrace the future with Sangfor VDI.

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