Privacy Policy

This Statement sets out the obligations and policies of ATech Communication (HK) Limited (our “Company”) under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong) (the “Ordinance”).

Personal information
Our company retains the personal details of its customers, such as name, address, ID number, phone number, account number, and bill-related information, as well as other information necessary to provide company services.

Customers need to provide us with such data when opening or operating accounts and when the company provides other related facilities and services.

purpose The purposes for which the data can be used include:

  1. The daily operation of the company’s services and processing applications or requests related to the company’s products, facilities and services;
  2. Opening and maintaining accounts for customers;
  3. Provide after-sales service and maintenance services;
  4. Conduct surveys of customers, products, facilities and services;
  5. Direct marketing of products, facilities and services and appeals for donations (please refer to the section below entitled “Use of Your Personal Data in Direct Marketing” for more details);
  6. Handling customer complaints and inquiries;
  7. Calculate the amount of any debts receivable or from customers and collect debts from customers;
  8. Disclosure in accordance with the requirements of any laws, regulations, codes of conduct or guidelines applicable to any member of the company (see below for definitions); and
  9. Other directly related matters.
    Without this data, our company may not be able to provide services to its customers.
Personal data transfer The personal data of customers held by the company will be kept confidential, but the company can provide such information to the following persons (whether in Hong Kong or overseas), unless the company currently has no intention of transferring customer data to others for direct marketing purposes:
  1. The company’s subsidiaries and associated companies (together with the company, our “group”);
  2. Any agency providing services for the company’s business operations, contractors or third party service providers; (C) the media (involving only deal with the media referred to the company’s customer complaints and queries);
  3. under any law applicable to any member, any member of regulations, codes of conduct or guidelines or expectations the company is obliged to disclose to anyone’s stand.
  4. Anyone is responsible for the confidentiality of any member of the company (for example, the company’s professional advisers). Use your personal data in direct marketing Only our company in order to use your personal data in direct marketing without your consent or no objection.