NetApp E-Series E2800 Storage Solution

NetApp e-series

NetApp E-Series Hybrid Flash Storage

  • Fast, Reliable, Simple
  • Ready for Virtualization: support VMware and Windows platform
  • Direct-attached Topology: Save cost and maintenance of switches
  • Enhance efficiency: greatly reduce processing/accessing time of large files
  • Focus Areas of E-series: Big data analytics, Video surveillance, High-performance computing (HPC), and Backup & recovery

Why NetApp E-Series arrays?

NetApp e-series E2800

Over one million installs and counting

Our E-Series arrays are many people’s systems of choice for their simplicity and reliability. From midsize businesses driving data-intensive applications such as analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based backup, to small businesses and remote offices requiring mixed workload performance for their specialized applications.


In addition to reliable performance, the E-Series supports flexible and cost-effective cloud backup and recovery and features a modern browser-based GUI for simple, flexible management and fast data access.

NetApp E-Series E2800 - Primary use cases

NetApp E-Series Used case

NetApp E-Series E2800 - Backup & recovery

NetApp Backup & recovery


Worried about data protection? It’s time to evaluate how you manage your hybrid cloud infrastructure. NetApp can help you defend against cybersecurity threats and coordinate response and recovery across your hybrid cloud…all without sacrificing performance.

Why NetApp for data protection?

Get cost-effective, reliable, and fast storage for backing up heterogeneous environments.

With NetApp, data protection doesn’t have to be a drag on your infrastructure. Data protection is a critical foundation of how NetApp manages data. NetApp offers solutions to address every cybersecurity threat and protect data the right way.

NetApp E-Series E2800 - Video surveillance


NetApp® Video Surveillance Storage (VSS) solutions let you retrieve content quickly, deliver over 99.999 percent availability, and scale without interruption.

NetApp Video Surveillance

Why Choose NetApp for Video Surveillance Storage?

Fast, reliable, and cost-effective surveillance storage.

Powered by our rock-solid NetApp® E-Series storage systems, NetApp® Video Surveillance Storage (VSS) solutions help you easily address the challenges of increased surveillance data throughput, retention, and retrieval.

No matter what industry you’re in, losing access to your content is unacceptable, which is why VSS solutions are fault-tolerant by design to provide over 99.999% availability.

VSS is ready to grow with your needs. Not only have we designed the solution to scale transparently, but all components are hot-swappable so you can upgrade them as needed without interruption.

NetApp E-Series E2800 - Big data analytics

NetApp Big data analytics

Data sprawl is only bad if you can’t take advantage of it. NetApp big data analytics solutions do just that. Move faster, scale easily, and deliver maximum uptime to keep your workloads running. Whether you’re a developer, architect, or IT administrator, NetApp has solutions for all your data challenges.

Why choose NetApp for big data analytics?

Make better, smarter business decisions

Deriving insights from data quickly is critical for today’s businesses, as leaders and analytics teams face pressure to leverage diverse data sets. Data, structured or unstructured, stored in data centers or the cloud, and generated by humans or machines are the foundation for your competitive advantage.

By leveraging NetApp solutions for big data analytics, you can improve resource utilization and eliminate unnecessary data copies, helping to reduce license fees, hardware costs, and overall TCO by up to 50 percent.

NetApp E-Series E2800 - High-performance computing (HPC)


If you don’t think we live in exciting times, let NetApp® HPC® solutions change your mind. High-performance computing (HPC) is redefining what’s possible, and NetApp HPC is leading the way.

NetApp High performance computing

Why Choose NetApp for High-Performance Computing?

Quickly. Scalable. reliable. now

NetApp HPC solutions deliver up to 1 million random read IOPS and 13GB/sec sustained write bandwidth per scalable building block. All the performance you need (and more) to keep up with your extreme workloads.


NetApp HPC solutions allow you to seamlessly scale from terabytes to petabytes by adding capacity in arbitrary increments, one or more drives at a time. The fault-tolerant design of NetApp HPC solutions is proven to deliver over 99.9999 percent availability, giving you the 24/7 reliability you need to keep your business running.

NetApp E-Series: Keep Your Data Compliant, Highly Available, and Secure!

NetApp E-Series E2800 Storage Solution Special Offer:

  • Onboard Port: 2x16Gb FC ports with 5m optical cables per controller
  •  Internal Disk: 6x4TB Non-FDE NL-SAS disks
  • One Year 8 x 5 x NBD Hardware Maintenance
  • Including basic installation

Special Price: $62,800/ Set

Term & Conditions
  1. This program is valid for purchase orders received and billed within the program period.
  2. This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers or discounts.
  3. Returned and canceled orders will be excluded.
  4. This offer is available until 31/3/2022 or while stock lasts.
  5. The price is subject to change due to limited supply without prior notice.
  6. In case of any dispute, ATech Communication (HK) Limited reserves the right to all final decisions.

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