Hyper Converged Infrastructure Equipment

Optimizing the host DR Storage and Networking


An organization has plenty of server and storage equipment that was purchased for 2-3 years only. While the users would like to deploy a new system that needs a more efficient server and storage system. In this case, the existing equipment is not too old but not advanced enough for this project. Due to the budgetary issue and performance concern, the customer is in a dilemma to purchase a new set of equipment.


By consolidating as HCI, the users and administrator can enjoy the benefits of better performance of the overall system and excellent experience on management. Complex tiered infrastructure is made simple. By using the Vmware HCI kit, we propose to enhance the processing power, storage throughput, and memory upgrade of the existing equipment.


High guarantee performance

High global duplicate and compress ratio

Scale out for Host and Storage

Use with Veeam DR Solution

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Saving Workforce
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Management Efficiency
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OPEX Efficiency
Hyper Converged Infrastructure