Intelligent Media Archiving Solution

Offer of options for Metadata Archiving, Asset Management, Scale-out Storage


An organization managing a large volume of video, images, and other valuable file data needs to catalog and organize these assets – both in-work and after completion.

Senior staff needs to control and track who is working on what and manage access control across the full data lifecycle for secure sharing and data governance.

Those media cannot be searched effectively across local and cloud repositories. Categorizing and indexing of the large volume media are unavailable.


Complex tiered storage is made simple. Large content archives can be indexed and searched across local and cloud repositories.

And the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology can be leveraged to enrich the data further.

In short, an asset management platform can help organizations unlock the business value in their digital data.


ATech leverage with various vendors to propose the captioned solution to customers. With our professional services, the Proof of Concept is sound, and the rollout of the project is smooth. As the project is still in progress, we expect to extend more features on the existing scope soon.